Voter ID Registration

We are undertaking group submission of forms for Voter ID registration.

You need for fill in the following forms (Form 6 is mandatory & Form 6 - EPIC001A is optional) & submit the same along with the documents as listed below to Mr. Balaji (5012) before Feb 17, 2009 (for batch-1) at his flat.

Here are the list of documents that you need to submit -
  • Form 6 (duly filled in - mandatory)
  • Form 6 - EPIC001A (to be filled in if you want your card to be issued in 10 days - recommended)
  • Sobha Dahlia Map (mandatory)
  • Address Proof (mandatory)
  • Age Proof (mandatory)
  • Indian Passport size (3.5 cm & 3.5 cm) photograph (optional - if you are filling in Form6 - EPIC001A only then is this required)
Please note - Our constituency is 174 - Mahadevpura &  pincode is 560103.

You can find additional information about voter registration at the following websites -

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You can access the forms here.

(Docs also uploaded here, search for 'Form 6' in the search box below)

Updates for people who had availed of this facility at Dahlia - A revenue inspector will come to your residence in the next few days to run a check. Once it is done, your name will be enrolled in the voter list. Once it is done you are eligible to vote (use any other type of prescribed ID). After that you will have to go to the Mahadevpura VFC centre with 2 photographs and get your EPIC card made (no other way). Folks who already have EPIC cards need to carry original with you.
For folks who missed the chance now, request them to submit the forms directly to the Mahadevpura VFC. They are open on all days.

BBMP Office, Mahadevpura,
Sri Umesh ARO BBMP Whitefield